Graduate, Union College, Cranford, New Jersey
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Chiropractic Institute of New York     August 15, 1964 (Now known as National College of Chiropractic)
Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation     January 16, 1966
Gibson/Fischel Forensic Seminar - Personal Injury 
The Chiropractic Expert Opinion, Narrative Reporting      March, 1967
NCC, Fundamentals of Chiropractic Roentgenology, 100 hours     May 27, 1973
Scoliosis Certification, New Jersey Chiropractic Society,       May 18, 1981
Certificate of Continuing Ed. in Thermography, New Jersey Chiropractic Society  1965 - Present
Chiropractic Orthopedics, Impairment Rating, Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation      May 1986
H.J. Ross Insurance Seminar      November, 1965
Developing The HMO, IPA, PPO Concept, New Jersey Chiropractic Society  January, 1986
Hospital Procedures and Protocol For The Chiropractic Physician, National College of Chiropractic       January 24, 1988
Certification in Hospital Privileges and Protocols, NYCC       January 5, 1993
Certification Chiropractic Sports Physician      May 20, 1995

(Florida Chiropractic Assoc.)     December 1996
NCMIC Practice & Malpractice Today's Reality   (6 hours)
Pettibon Bio-Mechanics Technique   (3 hours)
Standards of care & the scientific basis for Chiropractic management of HIV/AIDS patient      (4 hours) 
Nutrition in the 90's   (3 hours)
Effective Deposition & Trial Testimony   (4 hours)
Neurology & the Subluxation Complex: Mechanism of the Chiropractic Adjustment    (6 hours)
Florida Chiropractic Association      December 1997
Extremity Adjusting     (3 hours)
Aids and Communicable Diseases of the "90's"     (4 hours)
Clinical Understanding of Spinal Stenosis      (7 hours)
Office Based Risk Management      (6 hours)
Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA)      April 1998 & 1999
40 hrs continuing education      (10 hrs. Risk Mgmt. & 7 hrs. AIDS)

Charter Member of the New Jersey Chiropractic Society
Past President of the Central Jersey Chiropractic Society    1971-1972
Board of Directors - New Jersey Chiropractic Society Chiropractic Society   1975-1994
Honorary Member of the faculty of N.Y. Chiropractic College     June 21, 1987
Peer Review Consultant, New Jersey Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Inc. 1983-Present
Chairman of the Insurance Seminar – New Jersey Chiropractic Society
May 1, 1986
Meritorious Service Award Presented on behalf of the Board of Trustees by Dr. Ernest Napolitano, President, New York  Chiropractic College.    December 2, 1974
Distinguished Service Award, presented New Jersey Chiropractic Society Convention     1980, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993
Chiropractor of the Year Award, New Jersey Chiropractic Society   1984 - 1985
Accepted as a Fellow in The International College of Chiropractors  1983
Chairman of the Insurance Relations Committee and Peer Review, New Jersey Chiropractic Society      1984 - 1993
First Vice-President, New Jersey Chiropractic Society   1984 - 1985
President of the New Jersey Chiropractic Society            1985 - 1986
Louis A. Kovacs, D.C., Memorial Award presented           March, 1987
Chairman of The Board of Directors New Jersey Chiropractic Society     1983–1984, 1984-1985
Co-Founder and Director, (ACP) Associated Chiropractic Providers, Largest Chiropractic Preferred Provider Organization in New Jersey,  1986 - 2000
Special Award presented by the Southern New Jersey Chiropractic Society for Untiring and Dedicated Service to the Chiropractic Profession in New Jersey  Sept. 26, 1986
Special Award In Grateful Recognition of Outstanding Service - Chiropractic Insurance Commissioner - by New Jersey Chiropractic Society1987 - 1988
Special Award, Director, New Jersey Chiropractic Society 1988
Founders Club Award, New Jersey Chiropractic Society September 22, 1990
Board of Directors, New Jersey Chiropractic Society Special Award January 8, 1991
Elected to the ACA's House of Delegates, representing the entire state of New Jersey      February 7, 1992
The American Chiropractic Association Meritorious Service Award as New Jersey Delegate, 1994
Certificate of Appreciation for service as a member of the Board of Directors -New Jersey Chiropractic Society
Certificate of Sincere Appreciation from Life University, School of Chiropractic May 18, 1996
Elected to the American Chiropractic Association House of Delegates representing the state of New Jersey.       January 2000


Hosted, Presented and Conducted Insurance Procedural Seminar on behalf of the New Jersey Chiropractic Society   May 1, 1986,   May 11, 1989,   June 27, 1991 


First President of Columbian Club, Colonia
Knights of Columbus, Council No. 6571 1974 - 1975
Member, Knights of Columbus, Rahway Council No. 1146, Third Degree
1961 - 1973
Knights of Columbus, Charter Member.Colonia Council No. 6571  1973 - Present
Blood Bank Chairman
Rahway Italian-American Club   1965 - 1966
Member, Rahway Italian American Club   1960 - Present
Usher St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church    1979 - 1989
Chiropractor for Township of Woodbridge              1983 - Present
Master of Ceremonies, Rahway High School Reunions     1979 - Present
Elected to American Chiropractic Association's House of Delegates representing State of New Jersey      February 7, 1992
Member NJBIA, (New Jersey Business & Industry Assoc.)     1996 - Present

Professional Associations

American Chiropractic Association     January 4, 1965 - Present
Central Jersey Chiropractic Society  1965 - Present
Council of New Jersey Chiropractors      1997 - Present
Member, Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research    1985 - 1986
Member, Council on Roentgenology, American Chiropractic Association Charter Member, New Jersey Chiropractic Society January 1969
Founder and Chairman, New Jersey Chiropractic Society Network of Independent Chiropractic Examiners
Member, Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research   1989 - 1990
Listed in the National Register of Health Service Chiropractic Physician Providers/Multi Specialty Utilization Determinations, Inc.
Listed in Who's Who in Chiropractic.


Forty six (46) individual articles published from 1985 – 1993 in the New Jersey Chiropractic Society’s Jersey Journal

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