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Colonia Chiropractic Center have effective treatments for sports related injuriesSports Injuries:

Increased chance of sports related injuries are highly correlated to improper preventative measures, such as stretching, warm-up, conditioning technique or by over training. The important thing is to detect the injured area and determine which of the above factors is at cause. Sports Chiropractors are doctors who have been Board Certified in the non-drug/ non-surgical treatment of joint strains and sprains.  In addition, sports Chiropractors are trained to recognize injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, muscle contusions, dislocations and fractures.

Our doctors will evaluate your injury, via chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurologic testing as well as X-ray, to determine the severity of the involved area. After arriving at a diagnosis, your doctor will coordinate proper conservative treatment and rehabilitation. If necessary, referral will be made to the proper medical specialist for casting or surgical follow-up.

Sports Injuries
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