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Colonia Chiropratic Center can correct subluxationsNeck & Back Pain:

Through everyday traumas such as holding a toddler, sitting or standing for long periods of time, or lifting a heavy object you are putting a tremendous amount of stress on the bones and discs of your spine.  Such stress can cause vertebra (spinal bones) to lose their proper positioning. When 2 bones of the spinal column misalign upon each other the nerve running between them is “pinched” and nerve flow is interrupted.  This condition is known as a SUBLUXATION.

When subluxations occur mental impulses from the brain are blocked. This decrease in nerve function can lead to muscle spasms throughout the body.  Most commonly affected are the neck and back muscles. It is a Chiropractor’s primary job to detect and correct these Vertebral Subluxations.

Through a series of gentle adjustments a Chiropractor can restore the proper alignment of your spine alleviating muscular spasms and their painful symptoms. If you are taking pain medication you should know that you are simply masking the symptoms rather than correcting the cause. Our doctors are dedicated to finding the fundamental underlying cause of your problem and correcting it.

Neck & Back Pain
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