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Colonia Chiropractic Center can relieve the painful symptoms of whiplashWhiplash:

Whiplash is most commonly associated with automobile accidents but the fact is whiplash can be sports related, caused by falls or even a by a simple push from behind. The complex mechanics of the muscles, ligaments and joints are extremely delicate allowing slight shock or trauma to cause a serious imbalance in the neck. The term whiplash comes from the action of the injury as it resembles the snapping motion of a whip. One of the most common affects of whiplash is the reversal of the normal curvature of the neck as seen on x-ray. When left untreated the body will try to protect the injured area by narrowing the discs, accumulating calcium deposits and finally fusing the spinal bones together. This spinal degeneration can lead to further health complications due to the vital structures that lie adjacent to the spine such as the thyroid gland, brainstem and spinal cord. If caught in time a Chiropractor can restore the proper curvature of the neck relieving painful symptoms and preventing further degeneration.

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